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Disclaimer:-The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect on any individual, family, community or country.

You are in a hurry to have that ideal life, for which you defied all the stereotypes and kept postponing your marriage until it fell on a comfortably unconventional time/age. You are obviously strong-headed and do not want to settle for the typical. You want a fair treatment and equal opportunities, which were reiterated in your marriage vows and also when there was the marriage proposal. You have entered your conjugal life with this notion as your takeaway and now you cannot accept the non-conforming ‘typical’.

However, ‘typical’, which is, of course subjective, is way more powerful than you think. It’s the right-wing which has won an election with an absolute majority. It will drive you so mad with its ancient righteousnesses that you will turn into a bigot, for whom nothing that it says, does or implies, would ever be acceptable. Had you been married at the ‘right age’, you would have been relatively more adaptive, evasive, compromising and malleable, absolved from the tendency to question many unfair traditions. In short, you would be at peace.

Thie leads me to conclude that if you marry late, you sign up for an explosive fate. Of course, the intensity of the explosions varies, but there are fireworks. Why? Because you will try too hard to protect your nonpareil ideals of freedom, choice and equality, but you will end up encompassing yourself with mind-numbing agonies. I say, do not try so hard, just stay true and patient. Remember, the idea behind breaking the stereotypes was to mature into an evolved human-being, so give yourself a break, keep it to your personal growth and do not carry the burden of bringing about a transformation in the lives of others.

Enjoy, as it could be worth if you stay true.


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